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This will be my 2nd year using this app as I absolutely love it! It has helped me line out what to plant in my garden and where exactly to put everything! Plus the little green dots if the plants are friends or red dots if the plants do not grow well next to each other is extremely handy so I highly recommend this app if you are a new gardener!! 😃


Google Play

Does Everything But Pull Weeds! This is a great app! I spent the last few dark months of winter planning to expand my garden with new beds and containers and changed my plan several times. This app made it really easy to switch things around. I LOVE the way it tells you what should and shouldn’t be planted together. Also, the developer is very responsive to questions and constantly updates and adds new features. I highly recommend this app!been very helpful, because I didn’t really think that much about what went next to what before .


App Store

This app is UNDER-RATED! I downloaded & uninstalled SEVERAL different apps that were higher rated & finally gave this one a chance… #MINDBLOWN It is exactly what I needed for my home suburban garden & I can see using this on larger properties. It’s has companion planting guides for many different varieties, different pests and how to control them naturally AND chemically if that’s your vibe. I’m going for an organic garden so I appreciate the options. I am STOKED to find this app! Thx!


Google Play

Fantastic app, out of half a dozen or so garden planners I have used, this one is by far the best. The development team is also very fast to assist if you run into an issue, the sign of them caring about the consumer experience. The user interface only took me a few minutes to get the hang of as well. Within 10 minutes I was able to create gardens, modify grid sizes to account for my growing methods and pick various varieties of a plant as well as a custom field to allow adding a rarer plant.


Google Play

Super happy, love love it.I love this app. It is by far the most I’ve spent but as a gardener I really appreciate what you can do to plan gardens and look back at past year gardens. If the plant you want isn’t there you have the option to add it. Or even delete the plants your not gonna use. I spend all year planning on this app. Love love love the customizable options. Worth every penny. The developer is always listening to us and adding new features. Just love it.


App Store

This app is everything I needed. It gives me timelines, tells me what plants usually play well together, suggests ways for mitigating pests, and is super easy to use. The best way to simplify garden planning.


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